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Ariel Gilad (55 yr), a father of 6 children, was born on May 23, 1966, in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, and immigrated to Israel in 1990 straight to Be'er Sheva.

An integrative medicine practitioner.
After his mother died of medical negligence, Ariel became interested in medicine, taking care of himself, his family, and his friends. Since then he knew that in the future he would be a therapist. His mother would always tell her sisters that she thought German (his original name) would be a doctor. He was an outstanding athlete in freestyle wrestling and thus from the age of 14, he was part of the Soviet Union team and lived in Moscow. Ariel had to make a decision, whether to remain an athlete or turn to medicine. Thus it turns out, decades in retrospect, that hundreds of his patients had the opportunity to change their quality and lifestyle due to Ariel's choice to turn to unconventional medicine.
Ariel is not alone in the story. He is married to Anna, a veterinary doctor in the past, studied in St. Petersburg, and worked for about seven years in a veterinary clinic in Kfar Saba. About 12 years ago, she began an inner spiritual journey and became a therapist and then a coach. Studied yoga, different types of massages, sujuk (palm acupuncture), and personal training using the Satya method at the Emotion School for Being, Listening, and Transformation in Ramat Gan. The Satya method is a holistic and integrative way that deals with a person's personal development. The purpose of the method is to teach and train people to be free - to be awake and responsible for themselves. It allows people and businesses to grow in love, clarity, ease, wholeness, and harmony within themselves and their relationships.

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